At 18 years old, Nino (9oh) is one of the youngest DJs in the region. He has been actively DJing in the region's clubs since 2017. Nino has also been able to prove himself on big stages beyond the region. For example, in 2019 he played support for Tujamo, AKA AKA or Lexy and K-Paul. He has also already achieved musical success. The debut single Energy, which was created in a collaboration with the hit producer Zombic, has now reached 300,000 streams. But that's not enough for Nino. In 2020, he founded the music label NATE RECORDS, where he signed major international acts. 3TUNES followed in 2021. The reason was always dissatisfaction at events in the region. He says himself: "We need a revolution in this area, it gets boring with time to always hear the same acts, with the same show. We need a change and want to offer the people something. To do this, we want to organise events in quality productions and at atmospherically valuable venues."